Ever thought of TRYing a TRI?

GFS&T is partnering with Great Falls Cycle Studio to develop our own Great Falls Tri-Training Program, with the hope of creating our very own Great Falls sprint triathlon. A sprint triathlon is a mini-triathlon that consists of a 750 m swim, a 12 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run.  If you've ever considered a triathlon but want to start with something attainable, this is it!

We will be offering two phases of training:

Phase I

Will consist of two classes each week for 8 weeks (4/17 - 6/12). During Phase I there will be one day of cycle/run and one day for a longer cycle (no run). The cycling will be done at Great Falls Cycle Studio and the run will be outdoors in a neighborhood nearby the Cycle Studio. All classes and the run will be led by an instructor. We'll provide additional workouts for you to do on your own, if you would like more time training. 

Phase II

Will be held during the following 8 weeks in June through August.  During Phase II we will add swimming at GFS&T.

Each phase is a complete series and must be paid for at the start of each 8 week session. You do not have to participate in both phases. The cost of each 8 week phase is $220.  Must have at least 5 participants. 

Interested?  Call 703-585-5631 or email Vjmastran@gmail.com and mention you are a GFS&T member so you can receive a 20% discount (cost will be $176 per session instead of $220).