Welcome to the Rapids 2019 Dive Team

Members of the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL), Division 3

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This year the Great Falls Rapids youth dive team will be competing in Division 3 of the Northern Virginia Swim League (NVSL).

If your child has an interest in diving, please encourage her or him to try it. No experience necessary -- children aged 5-18 are welcome if they can jump off the board and pass the swimming test administered by the lifeguard staff.

NVSL rules categorize divers into groups according to their age on 6/1/2017. Your age on that date determines what age group you are in for the entire summer season. You may dive in a more difficult group if you wish.

10 years old and younger
3 dives: including “falls” and “jumps”

11 and 12 years old
4 dives: Front Dive, Back Dive, and 2 optional (no jump/falls)

13 and 14 years old
5 Dives: Front Dive, Back Dive, and 3 optional

15 -17 years old
6 Dives: Front Dive, Back Dive, Inward and 3 optional

We are counting on last year’s divers returning for another fun filled summer, and look forward to welcoming many newcomers to our team. Looking forward to seeing everyone soon for a summer of learning new skills and forging friendships!