welcome to great falls swim & tennis, your home away from home... 

We're tucked away on four beautifully landscaped acres within walking distance of Great Falls Village.  Founded in 1971, our club offers its members year-round entertainment and activities for the whole family.  For swimmers, the area's largest Z-shaped, heated pool with two deep-end diving boards, a shallow-end entryway, wading pool, and Great Falls only NVSL competitive swim team.  Our tennis players stay active year round on 4 Har-Tru clay & 2 outdoor hard courts (3 clay courts are covered in winter).  Members enjoy our lighted Platform Tennis & Basketball court, and a large grassy area great for volleyball, soccer games, grilling, or simply relaxing in a lounge chair!  Providing an exciting line up of social events, camps, activities for adults & kids, and competitive swim and tennis teams for our members is what truly sets Great Falls Swim & Tennis apart. 

Come see for yourself... Join us for a tour!

Our club is operated on a non-profit basis and has a maximum of 400 active memberships, including families and individuals. We are often operating on a waiting list, so submitting your application as early as January 1 for the upcoming summer season is encouraged.

If you are interested in learning more about joining Great Falls Swim & Tennis Club, contact us at club@gfsandt.com.  If you are ready to complete an application for membership to the club, you may download one at the link below.  Please complete the one page application and return to the address listed.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the process to join the club?
A: Complete the brief application above and return with the $100.00 application fee. Requests for club membership are regularly reviewed by the club's Membership Coordinator. If you do not hear back within one (1) week of submitting an application, please contact us at club@gfsandt.com.

Q: Is there a waiting list?
A: We are accepting applications for 2019 memberships, but spots are limited.  Please send in your application as soon as possible to reserve a spot. Applications will be processed in the order in which they are received.

Q: How do I find out where I am on the waiting list?
A: When a wait list is in place, please contact us at club@gfsandt.com to determine where you are on the list.

Q: How much does it cost to join?
A: We're pleased to offer new members joining in 2019 two options for the club's initiation fees:

Up-Front Option: You can pay an $8,000 initiation fee at one time upon joining the club. We require $1,500 upon offer acceptance with the remaining amount due at a later time, prior to the beginning of our summer season in May.

Three-Installment Option: You can break up the $8,000 initiation fee into installments paid over three periods, with $3,000 due at acceptance of offer, $3,000 due by December 1, 2019 and $2,000 due by December 1, 2020. This option is only guaranteed for new members joining in 2019 and is available on a first-come, first-serve basis until we hit our membership limit.   

Q: How much are the annual dues?
Annual dues for a family membership are $887 in 2019. 

Q: How do I apply for a "Legacy" membership?
A member must have belonged to the Club for at least 8 years and have no children under the age of 19 living at home to be eligible for Legacy status. Applicants will be chosen in the order of application. No more than 100 legacies will be accepted in total. A waiting list will be maintained. A request for Legacy status must be in writing and signed by the member(s) of record included in the membership.

Q: How do I "Resign" from Great Falls Swim and Tennis Club?
A request for resignation must be in writing, signed by member(s) of record and accompanied by the membership certificate before the request will be processed. If the certificate has been misplaced, a notarized letter to that effect signed by the member(s) of record may be substituted.

Q: How do I become an "Inactive" member of Great Falls Swim and Tennis Club?
A request for inactive status must be in writing and signed by the member(s) of record included in the membership. Transfer to inactive status is at the discretion of the Board and in accordance with the requirements set forth in the By-Laws. Members on inactive status shall be relieved of paying the regular Active Member annual dues, but shall pay such annual maintenance fees as established by the Board.