Call In / Walk On (Spot Time)

All court fees for spot time reservations will be charged to the member reserving the court. If you have reserved a court in advance, and are unable to make it, you must call the Pro Shop at 703-759-7156 at least 12 hours before the start of your court time. Your account will be charged if the Pro Shop does not hear from you.

Spot Time Fees:

$20/hr   Early Bird: 6:30-8am

$38/hr   Peak Hours: 8am - 9pm

$32/hr   Non-Peak Hours: 9-10pm

Guests & Fees: All guests must be accompanied by a GFS&T Club member and complete a non-member participation waiver prior to play. Guest fees are charged to the GFS&T Club member's account.  When booking spot time reservations on, please select number of guests.  The guest fee for spot time reservations will be $8.00/per guest/per visit.  For guests who are part of a contract court time, there will be a one-time $100 fee per guest/per contract. This will entitle the guest to play with at least one member during the scheduled contract court time for that season. 

Legacy Members: A Legacy Membership is for those members who wish to continue their social involvement with GFS&T Club, but do not actively use either the tennis or swimming facilities on a regular basis.  A Legacy Member will be permitted to personally enter into a Tennis Bubble Court Time Agreement or play under another member's contract for a fee of $50/household.  This fee is in addition to all other Court fees.  A Legacy Member will be assessed guest fees for spot time.