Stroke Of The Week 2.0

November classes are held Fridays 1-2pm

"Stroke Of The Week " is a program, that runs on a weekly basis that targets specific strokes. The program is designed to single out, in an hour group lesson, a particular stroke to the exclusion of everything else. The advantage of such an approach is that the player is working only on one stroke. Through specific progressions and a lot of repetition, we take your forehands, backhands, serves,volleys and overheads and hone them into bio-mechanically sound movements. The benefit of better stroke mechanics is that players achieve more consistency, more repeat-ability, less likelihood of injury and most importantly, greater confidence in their ability to perform strokes.

Although this approach is proven to be helpful in redressing stroke mechanics it does not necessarily allow the player to properly perform the multitude of stroking variations that are typically required during match play. The fact that you can perform a perfect stationary forehand drive does not mean that you can hit that same forehand from an offensive, defensive or neutral position. The fact that you can hit a strong forehand approach shot from mid court does not mean you are able to perform a heavy rolling, run around, inside out forehand.

Enter our new approachStroke Of The Week 2.0.

In this program, players are put in an environment that will allow them  to integrate their stroke production into real match play because they will be focusing on the same stroke over a 4 week stretch. Instead of working on a stroke for only one week and then moving on, we are now going to stay on the same stroke and workout some of the various applications and permutations of the stroke.

Our new Stroke Of The Week 2.0 program will allow players repetition on: different stances, postures, positions, ball trajectories, spins, decision making, strategic/tactical intents and much more.

The Many Permutations of the Forehand:

Week1 (Nov 2): Basic Bio-mechanics of the Forehand drive. Stances.

Week2 (Nov 9): The approach Forehand

Week3 (Nov 16): The run around forehand

Week 4 (Nov 23): Defensive roll, offensive dip.

November schedule: classes are held Fridays 1:00-2:00

So, if you are interested in taking your strokes to that next level, Stroke Of The Week 2.0 is the class for you!

Sign up today by reaching out to coach Alan at 540-454-3059, or email,

All sign ups will be on a first come first served basis!