Swim Parent Volunteer Information

Parents Needed as Trained NVSL Officials

Over 40 parent volunteers are needed to run each meet.  We are in need of new and returning parents willing to be trained and work as officials at each of the meets.  We are required to supply a Referee and Starter for each of the home meets as well as two Stroke and Turn Judges for all meets.  Please give serious consideration to attending training for one or more of these positions.

The NVSL requires officials to update their certification every two years and strongly encourages officials to update their certifications yearly.  The League feels strongly the Stroke and Turn clinic should be attended yearly due to ongoing changes in the rules.  Referees need to remain current in three clinics - Referee, Starter and Stroke and Turn. New Referees need to also attend the New Referee Clinic.

New swim team parents are most welcome. It is a great way to get to know this sport and the more back-up officials, the better!  We will be having plenty of Monday night Developmental meets to experience a "no pressure" way to practice new officiating skills.

If you are interested in training, please see the schedule below and contact Tacy Jester at ETJESQ@aol.com.  Most every class is offered at NVSL University at Falls Church HS.  NVSL also offers computer training that day for the software we use to run the meets.  The more parents that train in the various skills, the easier it is on everybody.  There is no pre-registration required.

Volunteer Opportunities with No Training Required

Lots of other positions don't require training.  We need 9 timers for each meet.  There is no training required to time.  Timing can be a great way to get started helping out the team.  We also always need parents to help organize the kids at Clerk of Course to keep the meets moving fast, at the ribbon table to process the cards & ribbons, and at snack bar for home meets.  Please come to the meets ready to pitch in.  We need everyone to help.