Great Falls Swim & Tennis is a nonprofit club run by and for its members. We thrive on our members' contributions to the club and our programs. To get more involved in the club, consider volunteering for one of our committees or the Board of Directors.  Email for more information.


Members Only Section

The Members Only page of the website provides members with access to important documents of the club, including bylaws, general regulations, board minutes and more. The page can be accessed here: Members Only Section.  

The page is password protected and is accessible only to GFS&T members. If you do not have the password, please email to request it.


Club Directory

The GFS&T member directory is now online!  Our directory is hosted on the web with Directory Spot (click here to access) and can be downloaded to your phone as an iPhone or Android app.  If you don't have a login/password for the directory, or if you've misplaced it, please submit the form below so we can provide you with a login.

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Board of Directors of GFS&T

As of January 2017, the following GFS&T members serve on the club's Board of Directors:

  • Rene Anvelt
  • George Binns - Tennis Committee
  • Rob Cox - Secretary & Pool Committee
  • George Davis - Dive Rep
  • Angelo Dell'Atti
  • Steve Gotts - Social
  • Larry Grayer
  • Chris Mathey
  • Jeff Mills - President
  • Jeff Minsky - Vice President & Swim Rep
  • Rigg Mohler - Treasurer
  • Marisa Russo
  • Chad Smolinski - Marketing
  • Jeff Stark
  • Amy Vroom - Dive Rep

Board Responsibilities: Duties and policies for the board are specified in the Great Falls Swim & Tennis bylaws, which can be found in the annual member directory.

Board Meetings: During most months of the year, a board meeting is held at the clubhouse on the second Monday of the month, except for cases where this falls on a holiday. The schedule for board meetings in 2017 is below:

  • January 12, 7:00pm

  • February 13, 7:00pm

  • March 13, 7:00pm

  • April 3, 7:00pm

  • May 8, 7:00pm

  • June 12, 7:00pm

  • July 17, 7:00pm

  • August 28, 7:00pm

  • September 11, 7:00pm

  • October 16, 7:00pm

  • November 13, 7:00pm (Annual Meeting @ GFalls Library)

  • December 11 (Board dinner to replace meeting)

Member Participation: Any GFS&T active member can participate in and lead committees, whether or not the member serves on the board. If you're interested in participating on a committee or have something you would like the board to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out to one or more board members.

Joining the Board: Please email or talk to a board member if you are interested in joining the GFS&T board. Nominees are presented for vote at the annual meeting in November.