Board of Directors of GFS&T

As of January 2018, the following GFS&T members serve on the club's Board of Directors:

  • Rene Anvelt - Co Treasurer

  • Laura Bumpus

  • Jamie Carabetta - Secretary

  • George Davis - Vice President

  • Angelo Dell'Atti

  • Aimee Gallagher

  • Steve Gotts

  • Larry Grayer

  • Chris Mathey - President

  • Ted Reynolds

  • Gina Ryan

  • Niki Santos

  • Scott Shilinsky

  • Amy Vroom

  • Elizabeth Wiley - Co Treasurer

Board Responsibilities: Duties and policies for the board are specified in the Great Falls Swim & Tennis bylaws, which can be found in the annual member directory.

Board Meetings: During most months of the year, a board meeting is held at the clubhouse on the second Monday of the month, except for cases where this falls on a holiday. The schedule for board meetings in 2019 is below:

  • January 28, 7:00pm

  • February 11, 7:00pm

  • March 11, 7:00pm

  • April 8, 7:00pm

  • May 13, 7:00pm

  • June 10, 7:00pm

  • July 8, 7:00pm

  • August 12, 7:00pm

  • September 9, 7:00pm

  • October 14, 7:00pm

  • November TBD, 7:30pm (Annual Meeting @ GFalls Library)

  • December (Board dinner to replace meeting)

Member Participation: Any GFS&T active member can participate in and lead committees, whether or not the member serves on the board. If you're interested in participating on a committee or have something you would like the board to discuss, please don't hesitate to reach out to one or more board members.

Joining the Board: Please email or talk to a board member if you are interested in joining the GFS&T board. Nominees are presented for vote at the annual meeting in November.